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De keramische stenen worden geproduceerd door 3 partners:
1. Nelissen Steenfabrieken:
2. Rodruza:
3. Klinkers:
De keramische gevelstenen zijn beschikbaar in diverse formaten.
The ceramic stones are produced by Nelissen Steenfabrieken NV. The ceramic facing bricks are available in Waaldik format (WF65) (+/- 213 x 105 X 65 ). The Facadeclick head size to be used is 108 mm (butt joint 3 mm).

De geëxtrudeerde stenen worden geproduceerd door Floren.
De gevelstenen zijn beschikbaar in diverse formaten.
The pressed stones are produced by BIA BV. The pressed facing bricks are available in Waaldik format (WF65) (+/- 645x 105 x 65). The Facadeclick head size to be used is 108 mm (butt joint 3 mm).

Materiaal: HDPE (High density polyethyleen)


The insert is the magic connector that ensures that the facing bricks are clicked together without any mortar or glue. The insert is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and is standard dark grey. Other colours are available on request.

Er kunnen diverse soorten ankers gebruikt worden afhankelijk van het type binnenmuur.  
Partner:  Deze ankers worden op lengte geleverd i.f.v. de voorziene isolatiedikte.

The used cavity anchors are made of stainless-steel /inox and are supplied according to the following specifications:

  • Diameter of the wire (4mm)
  • Material: in stainless steel/inox 304 (MX3)
  • These anchors are supplied in length, depending on the insulation thickness provided
  • The actual tensile force of the 90° hook from the insert is at least 68 daN

Mochten de binnenmuren geen T-groeven bevatten kan Facadeclick eveneens eenvoudig gebruikt worden door een rozet te bevestigen op het binnenspouwblad. Zo kan eenzelfde soort anker gebruikt worden.


In case the inner walls do not have integrated T-shaped slots wall ties can still be used by affixing anchors to the inner walls. These anchors will enable you to use the Facadeclick wall ties.

Diameter: 94 mm.
Weight: 34 g.
Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Wanneer bovenliggende lagen onvoldoende druk geven om de desbetreffende insert in te drukken zet men deze vast met een schroef. (bv onder de ramen)
In case the courses above do not generate sufficient pressure to compress the HDPE connectors - for instance underneath a window frame - a screw can be used.

Facadeclick kan gebruikt worden met elk type isolatie. 

The cavity wall insulation consists of insulation granules (expanded polystyrene EPS foam beads) that have an ATG approval for cavity filling. The pellets do not form a breeding ground for vermin, bacteria or fungi and do not affect the other building elements. They are also immovable, non-flammable and permanently water-repellent.
Performance characteristics:

  • Thermal conductivity: 0,037 W/m.K
  • Vapour diffusion resistance number: 1-2 μ
  • Contribution to fire propagation: class (NEN 6065+w97)
  • Flame spread: class 1. (NEN 6065+w97)
  • Flame handling: class 1 (NEN 6065+w97)
  • Measuring smoke density (D L;h;max): 5.8 m-1. (NEN 6066+w97)
  • Fire reaction class: A1, flame-retardant according to NBN S 21-203:1980

The insulation is injected into the cavity wall by a specialised company via holes in the inner wall.

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